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Once web site is up and running we want to invite visitors, not any visitor but specific category we planned at the very beginning.

There are few techniques to succeed with invitations. Different names and mechanics. However the goal is the same - to bring customers:
- search engine optimization;
- pay per click strategies;
- links exchange;
- banner ads;
- others.

It is important to define budget, outline goals, and not the least - to be able to manage campaign while in progress. Otherwise it is very easy to spend a lot of resources without noticeable results.

dvFlyer Productions offers service to optimize you web site for search engines and to promote it. We prepare and present specific plan of actions pointing out what is expected as a result. You review and approve the plan. We then perform the tasks, analyze results, make corrections where necessary. You have real time full control while in progress. 'Full control' means being able to obtain the information needed in time, to stop, pause, resume or cancel an action.
Different sites require different support policy. Some of them will be updated daily while others - once in while.

dvFlyer Productions offers a 'pay as you go' support service. There is no fixed fee, no prepayment.

First we agree upon the price range and billing period. Each job done then gets its reflection in a pending invoice. At the end of billing period you submit payment. No surprise bills, full expenditure control. Easy to follow, stop or cancel.

For minor updates our response time is usually within few hours. Here 'response' means job done, not a 'dear valued customer' message.

If you wonder about the ballpark cost - some of our clients spend on average $5-$40 CAD a month, others $120-$150 CAD. Some businesses require support right after their web site is up and running, others come back half a year later to update few pages and will vanish for another half a year. We are open for both of them.
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