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To keep up with
affordability we use:
- on server side:
PHP, Perl, mySQL;
- on client side:
We are targeting Apache
web server primarily because
of its efficiency and
almost 70% market share
All these tools come for free
for a web site owner.
dvFlyer Prods. is a multimedia development
company. We offer video shooting, editing
and are capable of creating web video, online
presentations, slide show, flash animations.

We are offering unique design with a company
specific look. For that we recommend to incorporate
real photo and pictures. If you really tight on budget
you may want to consider a template based site instead
thus reducing the price tag from dvFlyer Prods. down to $500-$700 CAD.
We start with initial free consulting. The purpose is to state the problem as precisely as possible, to learn about the preferences, to outline the entire flow chart.
We then prepare an offer with design, content, price, and timeline expectations. It can be discussed, refined and corrected until ready.
Upon your approval we require 30% prepayment to start design. This amount is 100% refundable if canceled before any design results are presented.
We create a prototype - a working web site. You review it, make your comments. We make changes accordingly. At this stage we refine price tag and the timeline.
The price can go down actually.
Real life example. The price tag in the offer had a database in it. Later the customer decided to cancel database for the data was not supposed to be ready soon. The price went down. Another example. After giving it a second thought customer decided not to order online calendar and appointments feature. His clients prefer to use phone to make an appointment.
We create the final version and hand over CD ready for copy & paste onto a web server. You submit payment. You may want to consider our assistance with hosting and/or optimization.
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